Eleven Years from A to Z

Posted by Distorted Priorities on Dec 26th 2018

Eleven years in the making...  Musicians from across the United States recorded at recording studios everywhere from Florida to California, Nashville, and ultimately Chicago.  First gathering outside of Chicago, where drummer Rod Morgenstein, bassist Dave LaRue and multi-instrumentalist Brian Moritz laid down the basic tracks at B&B Studios in Newark IL.  Next up to bat was Californian multi-instrumentalist Mark Lessman adding his saxophone cameo; then came Nashville keyboardist David Browning, followed by Brian again doing his basic tracks. Singer/song-writer Paul Dobroth was brought in to sing and write lyrics for three songs as well as backing vocals on several others, followed by Tom Kro on lead vocals,and Thom Griffin added backing vocals. Californian Stan Cotey lent a guitar hand on a couple of songs and then Brian again... Joey Vana was involved at two different points engineering after the basic tracks were recorded through a legendary Neve console (from Hawaii Sound, featured on "Lost" the TV series). Overdub sessions were scattered around the US at a variety of recording studios. The record was mixed and mastered from 2017-2018 at JTV Studios in Downers Grove IL. The project started in Protools, was transferred to Sonar, and ended up in Cubase Pro.

They say anything worth having is worth waiting for - well there you go... :)